In addition to the old imported cars seen on the streets of Senegal, the use of horse-drawn carts has also been observed for a long time. Also another means used instead of carts are motorcycle cabs and other unusual types of transport.

If you go one day to Senegal you will notice that the streets have a combination of cars and horse-drawn carriages especially near the popular market of Rufisque, Dakar. This type of transportation has become a kind of unfair competition for local cab drivers. People boarding these means of transport pay only 50 cents, while the cost of a cab, i.e. a vehicle costs almost three times as much. 

This may be due to the economic situation that forces people to look for a more accessible means of daily transportation. This means of transportation has been widely used for a long time, however, in recent years horse-drawn carts have increased exponentially. Cab and motorcycle cab owners have been threatened by them. 

Government authorities recognize that these carts help transport people economically and have been a traditional means of transportation. However, they also have disadvantages, such as: horses litter the streets, are very slow, and slow down traffic. This could cause accidents, especially on highways where heavy vehicles circulate. 

President Macky Sall recently visited India where he observed that in that country, despite being poor, they did not use horse-drawn carts, but instead used motorcycle cabs, which he liked and decided to try 250 motorcycle cabs purchased to put on the streets of Dakar. 

These carts are also used to carry cement, building materials and other materials. However, this is often a disadvantage because some of the ground is not paved and sometimes they get stuck in the sand. There are parts of the city where these carts are prohibited, especially where traffic is heavy and during rush hour. offers a variety of cars at prices ranging from USD $35,019 and up. You can also contact the seller by offering your best deal on the vehicle. The online platform has over a thousand trusted and professional car dealers who are ready to provide the quality shopping services you need.